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Harmful Hernia Mesh Complications Linked With Multiple Mesh Devices

Harmful hernia mesh complications have been linked with multiple mesh devices. These complications most likely happen years after the hernia surgery. Making it difficult for patients to narrow down the cause.

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Most Common Injuries:
  • Encapsulated seroma when plasma leaks into the cells surrounding the repair
  • Adhesions and scarring
  • Fistula- abnormal tube-like passage that connects organs, tissues, or vessels that do not normally connect
  • Non-healing wound
  • Intestinal obstruction- blockage in the intestinal pathway
  • Infection
  • Recurrent hernia
  • Migration of the Mesh- mesh may move from the surgical site
  • Contraction (shrinkage) of the mesh

Currently Investigating Hernia Mesh Revision Claims

People are currently investigating these claims where hernia mesh devices, even non recalled, have caused patients to undergo serious complications and side effects.

Many patients have endured relentless pain because of these faulty mesh devices, in addition to:

  • Abscesses
  • Chronic pain
  • Foreign body reactions
  • Blockages in the large or small intestine
  • Implant rejection
  • Serious allergic reactions
  • Reoccurring hernia
  • Contraction (shrinkage) of the mesh

Many patients have been forced through multiple surgeries to heal the damaged areas and eventually replace the mesh.

However, replacement may be complicated due to the way the mesh integrates with internal tissues resulting in severe pain and distress to the patient.

What Kind Of Compensation May Be Available?

Compensation may be provided for:

  • Medical bills, lost wages, pain & suffering
  • Loss of past and future earnings
  • Past and future loss of enjoyment of life
  • Temporary/permanent disability
  • Punitive damages

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